COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review|Deep Bass|Comfortable|30 Hours Playtime

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  • Stylish
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Awesome sound quality


  • Average noise cancelletion


It’s the best you will get at the value. Cowin E7 Noise Cancelling Head Phones for those people who need their isolation. It is Stylish and functional.

These are not the best on the market for noise-canceling, but they sure do the job well. The battery seems to hold its own.


  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • S/N: ≥85dB
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Power supply: Lithium battery or Micro USB cable
  • Audio source: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry, Nexus, Smartphone, Computer, PC, Notebook, MP4, MP3, etc
  • Function spec: Bluetooth, Microphone, AUX, Active Noise Cancelling


Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone is really a stylish device. That actually concerned us a little at the beginning.  

Build Quality

The build quality of this headphone felt really robust. But it doesn’t mean  go and throw them around.


The battery life of the Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone seems quite good if we look at what the company claims, It will give you 30 hours of nonstop playtime on a single charge which is amazing.

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I used to charge them in the morning after using it all night and I have to mention it that it never ran out of battery unless I forget to charge it. and that was my fault.

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The highest time I used them without charging is almost nearly 22 hours, I was on a holiday and I used it while traveling. I also forgot to take the charger with me. So I decided this will be the best way to test the actual battery life of this device. And it didn’t disappoint me at all.

Leight Weight

This device is also lightweight, so you won’t end up feeling heavy on your head while you put it on,

I faced that issue with a lot of Bluetooth on-ear headphones. So you can surely count it as a plus point for this headphone.


The Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone is also decently comfortable. Feels nice when I put them on, especially as the cups of this device have a 90-degree swivel. It also comes with handy features like a lot of adjustments can be done which can make it stay in place nicely.

The feature swiveling ear cups. One can not realize how necessary these are for comfortable usage until you use that for the first time. Small adjustments that you can make while wearing these from time to time. Surely it helps for wearing these over a long period of time. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a pair of headphones that don’t come with this feature.

There’s also a useful switch on them which will allow you to take a call or to switch through your mobile’s playlist through its onboard mic.

I didn’t know that  I’d be needing this, but after I got it for a while it’s been very useful.

Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphones are really functional in terms of features and aesthetic standpoint.


Well, what’s the point of purchasing a headphone if you still have to hear the noise of your surroundings? I have to say that you will be glad on this aspect if you purchase this Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone.

The noise-canceling in the Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone is not the best I have tested so far. It will reduce all the fuss around you. That was the focused point, so I’m quite satisfied.

But, you will still hear a certain noise if it’s very loud. I would call it noise-reducing instead of canceling device. If you used some high-quality devices in the past then please don’t compare it with them. Because I am sure that those high-quality headphones must cost you more than the Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone. Correct me if iI am wrong…

Sound Clarity

Sound clarity is really amazing, considering the fact that these are Bluetooth headphones and not the traditional ones with hooked up audio cables. It was my favorite part so far, which amazed me.

The Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone will help you to listen to music better than your normal speakers. If you have low-quality speakers on your mobile phone, it will also help you to take calls and have a good user experience.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 6.JPG

I was totally surprised by the quality of sound I was getting from the device. I was fully satisfied with the noise-canceling feature as it was better than my expectation by considering the price point. For this price point, I can’t see things getting much better than this Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone.

Bottom Line

Well, I don’t have to listen to the noise going around me as much anymore. For the price range of this one, I have gained the ability to have an awesome user experience.

I recommend the Cowin E7 BlueTooth Headphone if you’re a person who needs alone time.

Though some of the users have few complaints regarding the battery losing its charge over time, it is to be mentioned that it comes with an 18-month of warranty period.

So if you feel the battery is losing its charge, you will have the option of exchanging them. I hope that you enjoyed the review of Cowin E7 and if you have any suggestions or recommendations or queries please feel free to drop it in the comments section!

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