COWIN E7 PRO (Upgraded) ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review

COWIN E7 PRO ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review |Microphone|Deep Bass| Long Battery



  • Less boomy bass and clean sound
  • Comfortable
  • Better than the original E7
  • Impressive battery life.
  • ANC feature


  • Creates discomfort on top of head-on long term use.
  • Very big ear cups


The ability to provide a solid noise cancellation that actually helps with an amazing listening experience and gives a comfortable feeling sets these headphones apart from all the other ANC feature enabled headphones in this price range.

Though it has a big ear cup which may give you uncomfortable feeling in long term use, still I think it is one of the best in this price range.

What’s Inside The Box

Cowin E7 Pro  Accessories comes with the headphones. It is a nice strong shell carrying case with a mesh divider inside which helps to keep cords and cables easy to get to.

Inside the box, you will get-

  • A manual,
  • USB charging cable, and
  • AUX cable

This AUX cable will allow you to use the headphone even after the battery run out of charge. It’s a basic version of AUX cable, not a fancy one.

Design and Build Quality

When you first see Cowin E7 Pro, you will get a bulky look of it. Because of the dimension of the ear cups. The ear cups are made of a leather-like material and it will give you a  comfortable feeling for sure.

It will allow you to swivel at 90 degrees so that it can lay flat or for staying around your neck.

The Cowin E7 Pro has a nice quantity of cushioning and can be pulled out quite a bit! This was captivating as you can really pull out the headband without harming it or breaking it.

One of the design improvements with the new Cowin E7 Pro model is a brushed metal look on the external part of the ear cups. It does look sharp! Although the built material is mostly plastic, the headphone still has enough heft to them. You will feel like its definitely a  step up from cheap plastic headphones.


Cowin E7 Pro is “Comfort” what I notice when first put this on. This headphone is designed in such a way that it will keep the headphones safe from sliding off your head, they sit nicely around your hears, but still, it won’t put any extra pressure against your head either.

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The thick ear pads work really well and deliver a nice comfortable user experience.

The problem is that after about one hour of wearing, you will start a hot spot on the top of your head. I think this is because of the big ear cups. The way the weight is distributed, it can be the reason too.

If you plan to put this on for all day long then you should keep this thing in mind.

Sound Quality

If you compare it with the old E7, you will notice that the sound quality has upgraded noticeably. The main difference is, it sounds less ‘tinny’ and overall the music sounds more balanced now.

So you don’t have some frequencies massively outdo other frequencies. Because of the new addition of  45mm drivers instead of a 40mm driver, you will get a wider frequency response in the new Cowin E7 Pro.

For that reason, you will get a full & rich sound compared to the E7.

Cowin E7 Pro delivers less boomy bass and clean sound. This makes a noticeable upgrade when listening to any contemporary genres of music which has more low end presence..

The mids are the weak point of Cowin E7 Pro. Though it is still better than the original E7. But if we compare it with other ANC headphones in this price segment, mid-range performance is definitely acceptable.

Battery Life

Although Cowin E7 Pro claims to have a battery life of 30 hours, in my personal experience it was almost around 25-26 hours. But this is really impressive considering the 45mm drivers to power.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Cowin E7 Pro headphones utilize NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. It would have been great if they would have used the 4.2 or4.1 instead of 4.0.

You may find a more efficient Bluetooth version in cheaper headphones. But I will not consider it as a deal-breaker as Bluetooth 4.0 still works fine.

Noise Cancellation

The ANC feature is a good reason to buy this headphone and fortunately, in this area the E7 pro also handles really well.

Though the ANC is not like Boseheadphonesbut if you compare the price of these two you will see that the Bose headphones cost more.


Also, another major upgrade over the original E7 is that the sound quality is not poor with the ANC feature turned on like the original E7 headphones.  This could be a considerable reason to upgrade if ANC is something you need.

Bottom Line

If you are confused and trying to buy an ANC Bluetooth headphone in the budget range then you can check the Cowin E7 Pro out. The ANC and good sound quality in this price range make it a no brainer if you can spend a little more then the original E7.

Cowin E7 Pro not only delivers good sound and noise cancellation, but they also don’t look offensive when someone wears it.

Definitely its a bit big in size, but it is the trade-off when you’re getting such thick ear pads and also 45mm drivers.

So if you are someone who doesn’t need new Bluetooth technology and want to purchase a mid-range ANC feature enables device, you should consider this Cowin E7 Pro.

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